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Texture Doctor

Easily manage and convert your Flight Simulator textures with Texture Doctor!

Texture Doctor is an easy to use tool for inspecting Flight Simulator textures and converting them between various formats. It supports FS2004 and FSX.


  • Lists textures installed in Flight Simulator with name, format and texture size.
  • You can list textures contained in one particular texture folder, several texture folders (e.g. all aircraft textures), or all textures installed in FS.
  • Sort the list by various criteria (e.g. by format to find all textures that are not in the DXT format).
  • Shows you a preview of the currently selected texture in the list.
  • Converts any number of textures between various formats. The formats supported are: BMP, DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, DDS.
    For example, you can sort the list by the texture format, select all BMP textures and convert them into the DXT3 format with just a few mouse clicks.
Texture Doctor is a must have for every serious flight simmer.

Texture Doctor uses the ImageTool program found in the Flight Simulator SDK. If you have FSX Deluxe edition, the SDK is already included and installed. If you are using FS2004 or FSX Standard edition, please download and install the FS2004 Terrain SDK which contains ImageTool.

Note that Texture Doctor does not support the DDS format when used with the FS2004 SDK.

Why convert textures?

There are many reasons to convert textures into a different format.

If you have legacy textures in the BMP or R8 format, converting them into DXT1 or DXT3 can both improve the image quality (greatly reduces jitter) and performance (the compressed texture takes less graphics memory and is natively supported by nearly all graphics cards).

You may want to convert a texture back into the BMP format, edit it with your favorite graphics editor and convert it back into the original format.

Different graphics cards have varying performance with different texture formats. You may achieve better performance by converting the textures to another format.

With FSX, you may be able to achieve better performance by converting textures to the corresponding DDS formats. In this case, remember not to share the converted textures with any FS2004 users, because they would no longer work with FS2004.

Texture Doctor makes it very easy to convert textures, so you can simply experiment. Using the built-in restore function, you can always go back to the original textures if you don't like the results.


Texture Doctor will not resolve texture problems experienced by some FS2004 aircraft models in FSX SP2/Acceleration. Our Addon Converter X product should be used for that.