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Addon Converter X

Version 1.09

Addon Converter X is a plugin for FSX that makes many add-on aircraft and sceneries developed for FS2004 compatible with FSX SP2 and FSX Acceleration Pack.

Many existing aircraft and sceneries suffer display problems with these FSX versions, such as missing textures or missing scenery objects in the DirectX 10 mode. Addon Converter X resolves many of these problems on the fly, thus allowing you to enjoy thousands of sceneries and aircraft developed for previous Flight Simulator versions with FSX.

Addon Converter X does not modify any files you have installed in FSX. It performs conversions on the fly as FSX is loading files. You don't have to "convert" any add-ons you are installing. Simply copy them into FSX, and Addon Converter X will make any necessary changes automatically.

New in version 1.09

  • Bugfix: Some 32-bit textures suffered a great loss in quality after processing.

New in version 1.08
  • Crashes caused by some corrupted BGL files resolved.

New in version 1.07
  • Crashes on some PCs running Windows 7 resolved.
  • Conflicts with Flight1's Airport Studio resolved.

New in version 1.06
  • FS2004 models with textures converted to the DDS format should now work correctly with DirectX 10.

New in version 1.05
  • The quality of blurred rotating propellers improved.
  • Clear cache and Show log file buttons added to the Options dialog box.

New in version 1.04
  • Additional aircraft folders defined in fsx.cfg are now recognized.
  • Numerous improvements of stability.

New in version 1.03
  • Standalone configurator utility is now included, allowing pre-processing textures before running FSX.
  • Some problems on quad-core CPUs resolved

New in version 1.02
  • Ability to fix pre-FS2004 objects made with SCASM (this should resolve issues with many payware sceneries).
  • Ability to fix virtual traffic aircraft that are not in Aircraft and Rotorcraft subfolders.
  • Bugfix: Missing virtual cockpit textures in aircraft with more than 32767 polygons.
  • Bugfix: Some aircraft parts were showing up as semitransparent.

System requirements:
  • FSX SP2 or Acceleration Pack.
    Note that while the program will function correctly in FSX SP1 and RTM versions, it will not bring many advantages because these FSX version are compatible with most add-ons.

  • FSX or FS2004 SDK installed. FS2004 SDK can be used with the FSX Standard Edition.

  • At least 512MB of RAM recommended.