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Airport Wizard

Version 1.03

Airport Wizard is a tool for easily improving the look of airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. It allows adding realistic night illumination of aprons, improved taxiway lights and markings at every airport.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can add incredibly realistic illuminated aprons. Add taxiway lines that are perfectly round at turns and intersections. And taxiway lights that have a real 3D appearance both at day and night, instead of just bright dots Flight Simulator is usually showing. No need to know anything about editing airports - with Airport Wizard, improving an airport just takes a few seconds!

Airport Wizard is fully compatible with both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 modes of FSX, and also with FS9.

Product Features

  • Creates great looking illuminated aprons at night. You can specify exact locations and sizes for individual light spots along with the type of lamps to be used.
  • Replaces taxiway center lights with realistic looking objects that are visible both during the day and at night. Just like in the real life, the intensity of the light varies according to the direction from which you see it.
  • Replaces taxiway and apron edge lights with realistic looking objects visible both during the day and at night.
    New in version 1.03: Three different types of edge lights can be selected.
  • Replaces taxiway center and edge lines with more realistic looking ones. At turns and intersections, the new lines will appear as smooth, round curves, instead of the segmented appearance of default FSX/FS9 taxiways. Allows you to customize the color and width of taxiway lines.
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You can download Airport Wizard and try it out for free. In the free demo mode, you can use it to improve airports in Belgium.

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You can also save $5 by purchasing a bundle of Airport Wizard with Contrails Pro. Contrails Pro will add great looking contrails to your Flight Simulator sky!

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System requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Airport Wizard supports both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
  • At least 512MB of RAM recommended.